An Aquarium is technically a fish tank and size does not seem to matter in the definition. That fish tank in your den is the basic aquarium. The root word is aqua which is Latin for water. The idea of a fish tank has been expanded in the commercial Aquarium such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California, or the SeaWorld Parks in Orlando, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California.

These recreational and scientific aquatic centers have become a place to view and to study life under water. Almost every state that borders water has at least one major aquarium, and zoo aquariums are common as well. Although the study of undersea life is the primary purpose of the aquarium, many of them such as the SeaWorld parks have added water rides and aquatic shows to make your visit fun as well as informative.

The Date Activity

When a visit to an aquarium is a dating activity, these extra attractions tend to make it a full day treat and adventure. If you are visiting one, a bathing suit is going to be the most necessary accessory to bring along. You are going to want to get wet.

The aquarium/theme parks also feature all the necessities for a total dating package. There are restaurants and gift shops in addition to the theme park style rides and water slides. The sea life remains the main attraction here and sea life may be viewed on tours that allow you to walk under the large tanks. It can also be viewed in the scheduled shows and performances or the exhibits. It is the perfect mix for an ideal date as it mixes fun and adventure with education.

On Your Own / With Friends

Many of the major aquariums seek to attract large groups. They accomplish this with generous group discounts and special facilities for hosting group activities. SeaWorld, for example, features special dining and ballroom facilities that can be rented for parties or group social events. Most major aquariums have adopted the internet and have informative and interactive websites available to visit first.

Despite all of the attempts that have been made to spice up your aquarium visit and lure more visitors, it is still the mystery of life underwater that remain their main attraction. We have long stared out at the flat and dark surface of the sea and wondered what lay beneath the waves. Fishermen learn of this life when they pull in their lines or nets, but this is as close as we come to solving the mystery.

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