There was s sensation back in the 1960's that involved a game that you could play on your television set. It was a game much like tennis where you knocked a little video blip back and forth with another paddle like video blip.

To many people, it was the most exciting, and amazing thing they had ever seen. The name of the game was Pong, and it ushered in the multi-million dollar video game revolution. Today, the number and variety of video games is mind boggling. The graphic quality and realism of some of the games goes beyond belief, and no sooner is one milestone in their development reached, a newer and more realistic version is released.

The Date Activity

Just about everyone enjoys and plays video games of one type or another. In many malls and shopping centers you can find a video arcade. An arcade game has some advantages over the home versions usually in the area of size. A visit to an arcade can be a fun, exciting, and competitive date. It can be coupled with a movie or even dinner, as locations for both are usually often found near the arcade.

The arcade machine can take any number of forms, and many of them are designed for two or more players. Since physical agility is not as important in a video arcade game as hand to eye coordination, the competition is usually heated and equal.

On Your Own / With Friends

Group outings or group dates can be centered around a trip to an arcade as well. The major advantage over a home video system for group activities is the large number of different styles and types of machines available. Everyone gets a chance to play rather than waiting their turn.

The only drawback to this activity for groups or dates is that each game costs a bit of money, and they can be highly addictive. If you are looking for hours and hours of fun, your home PS3 (assuming you have one) is a better idea, but for a change of pace, and a shorter period of intense excitement, the arcade is hard to beat.

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