No one is quite sure when archery originated, but we do know that it dates back at least five thousand years. Historians believe that originally archery was used primarily for hunting purposes. Later, the bow and arrow were used as a weapon.

Most of the ancient civilizations had armies which contained multiple skilled archers. However, the use of the archer in warfare started to fade during the Middle Ages. This was mainly due to the time it took to train someone how to be a proficient archer. Once guns were invented, archery was replaced by firearms as the weapon of choice. Today archery is mostly done as a hobby or competitive sport, however, some people still utilize a bow and arrow while hunting.

The Date Activity

Archery is certainly a unique idea for a date. Many schools are now teaching archery as part of their physical fitness programs and because of this, more young adults are becoming interested in the sport. If you wanted to participate in archery on a date, you could take a lesson together.

A basic Archery Lesson would include explanation of the equipment used, safety lessons, and a basic understanding of how to utilize the bow and arrow. Many places also offer more advanced lessons as well. If you are the outdoor type and either you or your date enjoy trying new activities, this could be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

On Your Own / With Friends

You can also participate in archery as an individual or in a group. You could join an Archery Club and participate in archery games and competitions as well. You are probably most familiar with target archery. In this game, you shoot a large target that is made up of a ten rings. The closer the ring is to the center of the target, the more points you get. Field archery involves shooting at targets as well, but they are different sizes and have fewer rings. They are generally placed in rougher, uneven terrain.

There are several other archery competitions as well, such as clout archery, flight archery, and ski archery. While it might take you some time to become a skilled archer, even beginners can get enjoyment and exercise while participating in archery. Competitions are a great way to show off your skills, but you can also set up a target in your backyard and enjoy a friendly game with your buddies. Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by both men and women equally and even enjoyed by children as well.

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