The Beach

The Beach

Whether it is a small beach on the shore of a lake or the sprawling sandy beaches of the ocean, there are few places which offer as many activities as the beach does. The United States offers great beaches on both coasts. In places like San Diego, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean are utilized almost year round. On the east coast, heading to the beach is more of a seasonal activity.

Beach season usually starts around Memorial Day and lasts until Labor Day. Because the beaches bring in so many tourists, you will find a wide variety of restaurants, shops and activities available to you, usually in walking distance. There are also many man-made beaches located throughout the United States. There are even indoor beaches for those who miss the sand during the winter months.

The Date Activity

The best part about a beach date is that it can last all day and into the night. When planning your date, there are many items you can bring along to make the day more enjoyable. It is easy to get sunburned at the beach because the sun reflects off the water. You'll want to put on sunscreen before you leave and reapply it during the day. A cooler with drinks, snacks, a CD player, volleyball, surf or boogie boards and a pair of sunglasses are all great things to bring along.

When it comes down to it, there are only two things you definitely need for your date: the beach & a blanket. There are many things you can do while on your date. If you like to be in the water, you can surf, ride a boogie board, go wading, swim or collect seashells. If you prefer dry land, you can toss a Frisbee, play a game of beach volleyball, read to each other, work on your tan or even build sand castles. You should go for an early dinner so that you will be done in time to watch the sunset. In the evening and at night is when the beach truly becomes romantic. A walk on the beach under the stars is the perfect opportunity for your first kiss.

On Your Own / With Friends

Of course, the beach isn't limited to couples. It is the perfect place to gather a group of friends or family. You will have plenty of room and enough activities so that everyone will find something they enjoy doing. If you need some time alone, the beach can be a relaxing place to gather your thoughts. It is a safe bet when you are looking for a location that works well for singles, couples or groups of all ages.

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