Bike Ride (Bicycling)

Bike Ride (Bicycling)

Bike riding is a sport that can be enjoyed as a very young child and can continue to be enjoyed far into adulthood. Biking is not only great exercise, but is great for the environment. In fact, more and more people are commuting to work on a bicycle.

Riding a bike is an easy skill to pick up and is relatively safe, but make sure you take a look at the laws governing bicycling in your area as some states require helmets to be worn by riders of certain ages.

The Date Activity

Bike riding at any level can be an enjoyable activity on a date. If you are a novice bike rider, consider bicycling on a marked bike trail. You can find out the skill level of the particular course and pick one that matches the terrain and elevation that is appropriate for you and your date. Some people enjoy bicycling on a boardwalk near the ocean. Because it gets so crowded during the day, it is best to schedule this during the evening when there are less people and it is cooler out.

If you are a more experienced biker, you can schedule distance rides with your date if he or she is equally experienced. Many couples find that biking is something that they can share together on a regular basis. For an extra dose of romance, try renting a tandem bicycle. This is a special type of bike that has two seats and two sets of pedals.

On Your Own / With Friends

Bicycling can be done alone as well. Many bikers enjoy this sport because you do not have to worry about finding an opponent or joining a team. You can compete against your own skill level, while trying to improve on your best times and distance. Biking can also be done in groups. Bicycling clubs are growing in popularity. These groups can be divided in several ways. Some groups train for a competitive event, while other groups consist of moms with their children or even singles. You can find a cycling group that focuses on what you want to get out of biking.

Bicycling is also good for groups of friends and you can often find shops that will rent bikes for a short period of time, especially in beach towns. Of course, biking is also an ideal activity for families to participate in, as it is something that young children can enjoy along with adults.

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