The Game of Billiards


The oldest of these games consisted of hitting a target ball so that it rebounded off one or more of the cushions and struck one or more of the other balls on the table. This game survives today and is known as billiards.

The game is still popular in the United Kingdom and Europe, but in the United States it has largely been replaced by a variation that is known as pocket billiards or pool. In between billiards and pool, there were various types of cue games that involved missing or hitting obstacles on the table.

These games have survived as bumper pool. The game of pool evolved from this concept with pockets, or holes cut into the sides and corners of the table replacing the obstacles and becoming targets.

The Date Activity

In recent years, the negative stigma associated with pool halls has largely disappeared, and a trip to a billiard parlor for an evening of competition or just plain fun has become a viable and fairly inexpensive dating option.

The billiard game itself has much in common with other related competitive activities such as bowling that are physical activities, but do not require excessive athletic skill. In other words, the 110 pound girl is very likely to beat her 210 pound date rather decisively if she has a bit more experience at the game.

A requirement here is to check out the ambiance of the local billiard parlors or pool halls and match them to the prospective date. Some pool halls, especially those associated with bars, are still a bit on the seedy side. You will want to decide if one of these, or the more brightly lit and family oriented billiard parlor is going to be more appropriate for your companion.

On Your Own / With Friends

Billiards and pool are excellent activities for group dates, or outings with friends as well. Much like bowling, pool leagues have become popular and tournaments are held frequently at most billiard halls. A night of pool shooting can be unstructured and the game allows individual or team competition.

A major advantage of this activity for dates or group social outings is that it tends to be a rather inexpensive form of entertainment. Payment is generally made on a per game basis with coin slots right on the table, or in other cases, the table may be rented for set periods of time. Although many people purchase their own cue sticks, they are always available in the billiard hall and there are no other special equipment needs for a billiard game.

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