A Game of Bowling


Undoubtedly, bowling has a long and active history. The first primitive form of bowling is said to date back as early as 3200 BC, Egypt. With such extensive history, it is no surprise that bowling went through numerous transformations. For example, bowling branched off into two major types: outdoor bowling game and indoor bowling game.

In fact, bowling used to be called "Bowl on the Green" (because of lawn bowling - an outdoor bowling game in which players throw a ball, in an attempt to hit the target point on the field).

While the North American bowling game of ten-pin bowling remains the most popular form of bowling, there is still a great variation in the way that the game is played. For example, Canadians play five-pin bowling, Europeans play nine-pin skittles (a form of bowling in which a traditional European target sport is incorporated), and kids play six-pin bowling, to name a few.

Today, bowling is considered a world-wide game and sport. Bowling is played by some 100 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The Date Activity

Taking your date bowling is definitely a fun date idea. Bowling is a great way to break the ice because it allows you to get to know your date through spontaneity and silliness. For example, you can be goofy or romantic and set up some cute scoreboard nicknames for eachother.

You can also try making bets or rewarding the winner after each game (hint hint: winner gets a kiss on the cheek or a huge hug). These are some romantic, yet innocent maneuvers to get just a little closer to your squeeze. Lastly, many bowling centers have special themed nights, such as 80's night or disco night. Call ahead for such special events. Themed nights can only add more excitement and fun! Just dress accordingly, with socks in mind, of course.

On Your Own / With Friends

Bowling is also a great activity to be shared with friends and family. Part of the great appeal about bowling is that this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Furthermore, bowling promotes "healthy competition." Definitely, the most important aspect of the game, rather than winning, is to have fun.

Develop an insatiable appetite during a game? Then grab some snacks and drinks from the snack bar/restaurant while you're at it. The wonderful thing is that you can actually eat by your designated bowling area. For all of these reasons, bowling is especially great for holding special events, such as birthday parties and charities. Whatever the occasion may be, bowling always calls for some good old fashion fun.

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