The Casino


A Casino is the name given to a building where gambling activity and other forms of entertainment take place. The name comes from a word that meant a small house used for pleasure, usually part of a larger estate or villa.

Today, a Casino is primarily a gambling establishment - although concerts and shows are often held in them and there are also hotels and restaurants nearby or part of the building. Casino gambling has always been popular especially in cities like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Many areas have laws that prohibit gambling Casinos, but Indian Reservations are exempt from these laws, and Native American Gambling Casinos have become popular and widespread.

Recently, the popularity of a type of poker known as Texas Hold Em and the high prizes offered in tournaments devoted to this game have increased the popularity of Casino gambling.

The Date Activity

A Casino can be an interesting and even a rewarding dating activity. The amount of money risked on such a date is variable. A Casino would have some very high stake gambling games where a large amount of money may be won or lost in a short time.

They would also have other games like slot machines where the money risked is less and hours can be spent playing. It is all going to depend on a person's budget. There is no question though that the Casino atmosphere is exciting and captivating. The cautious and the very frugal will find them frightening, but most will be more than happy to risk a little to hit the jackpot.

A requirement here is to check out the ambiance of the local billiard parlors or pool halls and match them to the prospective date. Some pool halls, especially those associated with bars, are still a bit on the seedy side. You will want to decide if one of these, or the more brightly lit and family oriented billiard parlor is going to be more appropriate for your companion.

On Your Own / With Friends

There are also some advantages to a Casino visit as a group activity. A Casino makes the bulk of its profit from the money players lose while gambling there, and so there main way of doing business is to attract gamblers. The little perks that are available are often very inexpensive.

Casino Resorts are great for large groups of people. The idea is to attract the gamblers, and group discounts could be a very attractive inducement. In most cases, the larger the group, the more discount you could expect.

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