Comedy Clubs

Comedy Clubs

Although its origins and earlier movements tend to be somewhat ambiguous, comedy has had a very successful evolution. With its origins in ancient Greece, comedy was defined, by Plato, as the standard term for all showcases, which are intended to provoke humor and laughter (such a concept obviously remains unchanged today).

In early history, comedy mostly took place in comical theaters. With time, however, comedy venues have shifted towards popular comedy clubs.

Comedy clubs are comedy shows that typically take place in nightclubs during the late evenings. With überhilarious comedic performances, comedy clubs and comedy shows are attractive social activities, as they deliver great entertainment without necessarily emptying out your pockets.

Although there are many different types of comedic performances (e.g., stand-up, improvisation, impersonation, magic, etc.), stand up comedy seems to be the most popular and prominent in comedy clubs today. Stand up comedy has its roots in late 19th century American entertainment.

It took various forms, including humorist monologues with Mark Twain, and circus clowns entertaining audiences during intermission. Stand up comedy then gained immense popularity in the 1970s. With its contemporary usage, stand up comedy, and comedic performances in general, have become more and more dynamic and extremely liberal in its style.

Comedic performances today range from jokes concerning the trivial aspects of everyday life to topical and satirical/black humor jokes concerning important current affairs/issues.

The Date Activity

Taking your date to a comedy club or comedy show can be fun and exciting. This date activity will definitely give you insight to your date's personality, specifically in terms of sense of humor. Just make sure to research the comedian beforehand, as some comedians are more compatible with your understanding of what is funny and entertaining.

Also, keep in mind that some people are more sensitive than others to the inevitable crude jokes presented at comedy clubs and comedy shows. With that said, you want to make sure that you choose something that isn't going to be utterly offensive towards your date.

On Your Own / With Friends

Comedy clubs and comedy shows are also great social activities alone or with friends. Besides, what better way to enjoy the night than with some Maitais and serious giggles? Either on a date, alone, or with friends, hitting the comedy clubs is an enjoyable and entertaining activity that doesn't cost a whole lot of money. So, what are you waiting for?

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