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Massage is one of the oldest therapies known to man. Using massage for its therapeutic benefits dates back to early China in the second century B.C. Massage has evolved over the years and during the 1800's what is known as Swedish massage began to develop

Today, therapeutic massage is useful for healing muscle strains, easing the pain of depression, decreasing anxiety, and stimulates the function of white blood cells. Studies have also shown that massage can increase endorphins, improve blood circulation, and helps lower high blood pressure. However, most people will agree that the number one benefit derived from massage is that it brings the body into a state of relaxation and reduces stress and tension.

Spas, like massage, enjoy a long history of bringing health and relaxation to the body. Ancient spas consisted of natural hot mineral springs that people bathed in for their healing properties. The ancient Greeks and Romans were both known for their use of spas and throughout the 19th century, spas spread throughout all of Europe. In America, spas abound and today, many spas combine the benefits of ancient healing therapies and massage. There are a number of different spas that provide different benefits.

The most popular spas today include:

Day Spa: The day spa is open on a day-to-day basis. Day spas offer a number of different services so be sure to call ahead and find out exactly how large the facilities are and what they have to offer.

Destination Spa: A destination spa focuses on promoting health and works to ensure that you learn healthy eating habits, focuses on exercise, and offers classes that will help you succeed in your new healthy lifestyle. Price ranges vary and there is often a minimum stay required to ensure that participants enjoy all of the benefits.

Resort Spa: The resort spa resides within a resort or luxury hotel. It provides many benefits and focuses less on the health benefits of a destination spa and features more relaxation and entertainment.

Cruise Ship Spa: This spa is located on a cruise ship and offers services such as facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures.

Medical Spa: This type of spa also focuses on health and beauty but it offers services that are supervised under a physicians care.

Club Spa: This spa is located within a health or fitness club.

The Date Activity

Couples massage at a day spa is a great date activity. The couples' massage takes place in a luxurious couples' suite that often has fantastic amenities such as a fireplace, lounging beds, and beautiful scenic views. Enjoying a weekend getaway at a spa is a wonderful way to spend quality luxurious time together. A weekend at a spa will include fantastic activities, fine dining, and tranquil massages in various oils. Additionally, facials, Ayurveda treatments, specialty mud baths, saunas, swimming pools, and treatments in mineral therapeutic water are also included in your package.

It is a good idea to compare various spa packages and determine which spa fits best with your particular budget as well as determine which treatments they offer that you most desire. Typically, rates will vary according to the season that you visit the spa.

On Your Own / With Friends

Going for a massage or spending a day at a spa is an excellent activity that you can do either by yourself or with friends. Whether you are a woman who loves to indulge in facials, pedicures, and body wraps or if you are a man who enjoys unwinding the day's tension with a professional massage, these luxuries provide the deep relaxation that is necessary to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

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