Angelbare Permanent Cosmetics

1193 Walnut St

Newton, MA 02461


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Estimated Cost: $100

Ages: All

Type: Day Spa


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Reviewed by sue lee on Sun Oct 19 2008

I arrived at Angelbare, with my sister, to get my eyebrows. Sheila Whitmore kept referring to me with a different name and gave me 4 pages to fill out before we started the session. I filled out my personal info and signed all pages. I asked her if I could have my sister with me so I can get her opinion on how I would like my eyebrows done since it is going to be permanent tattooed to my face. She looked at me with a blank look, stared at my sister, and said (word for word), "You want her opinion? Look at her eyebrows. They are crooked and yours look perfect, so why do you want her opinion?” My sister and I were shocked. I told Sheila that’s ok, we can just get started without my sister but Sheila continued to offend my sister by staring at her and saying, "Her eyebrows are crooked, they are too long, and too big". My sister told her that was very unnecessary to judge her eyebrows and to say all those offensive words only just because I asked if my sister can give me her opinions. Things got out of hand because she kept screaming louder at my sister saying that she had no right to give me opinions because her eyebrows weren't "at her standards" to give opinions. She said that we were very unprofessional (go figure) for arguing with her since she knew what she was doing. I grabbed my bag and told her I'm glad to have found out what personality she had because if my eyebrows didn't turn out the way I liked it- she would lash out at me. I took the 4 pages that had my private info on it and clipped it under my arms to walk out with it. She used her hand to stop me by my shoulder with one hand and used both hands to jerk the paper out from between my arm and bag. I was shocked and I didn't think it was right so I held onto the paper while we both we jerking. Sheila said she wanted her paper back and I said that it was MY PRIVATE INFO on it and I didn't think it was right for her to keep it. We continued to argue about that and she screamed at me to throw it in the bathroom from behind me. I refused to, with that attitude, to abide by her request. While walking down the stairs, she said (word for word), "Good luck on finding a boyfriend". We couldn't believe our ears, so we turned around and I asked, "Why do you keep making rude comments?! You had no right to judge my twin sister's eyebrows with your rude comments just because I wanted to get her opinion on what's tattooed to my face." Sheila had no explanation for it. She argued with us and started changing the story around to try and justify what she said earlier, she told us that she just wanted to give her opinions on my sister's eyebrows because, with all clients, when they come with someone she judges them as well so she can get their service. After leaving, she called me and apologized from this number (617)777-3390 and said that she didn't mean to offend us. I told her that what she said was very unprofessional and if she had an overweight daughter, wouldn't she take it offensive if the doctor said she couldn't give her opinion since she was fat as well. (Sorry, had to do it) She tried to give me some story that she had similar to this and I told her I refuse to listen because I will admit the truth and quote her word for word. She said, as an apology for her actions, she wanted us both to come back so she can give us a session on our eyebrows. Of course, I said no. There is no way I'm letting her even give me a free session, let alone, pay her for her services. So before you think about going to Angelbare with Sheila Whitmore, ask yourself- Does my mother, sister, or friend have eyebrows up to Sheila Whitmore’s standards to give opinions because if they don't, you will suffer the consequences of Sheila Whitmore rudely pointing her pencil in your face, jerking her expensive paper from your hands, criticizing your loved ones of how unperfected their eyebrows are, and wishing you good luck on your adventures of never being able to find a boyfriend.