200 N Talbot St

St Michaels, MD 21663


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Estimated Cost: $25

Cuisine Type : Traditional American


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Worse food, patrons, staff- STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS

Reviewed by Chris on Sat Jan 2 2010

I have traveled for years and have never seen such a poor managed establishment- The bartender Jen and owner (cant remember the name) (my waiter told all too much) were yelling and the words I cant repeat. The food took 45 minutes and there were only 8 people eating. that should of been a red flag. The food was horrible and had a hair in it. I went to talk to the "owner" but after two words it was clear he was inebriated and i stopped and my wife and I walked out. I gave a tip to the waiter for his help but wouldn't pay a dollar for the food. Stay away at all costs. We ended up at Town dock which was devine. Classy staff, excellent food, and perfect service to the end. Characters Is Bad News- Read the other reviews.