Dinner Theaters

Dinner Theaters

Dinner Theatre is essentially a two-for-one deal. At a single location, you can be fed and entertained. The first dinner theatre was thought up by Howard Douglass Wolfe, who built the Barn Dinner Theatre in Virginia. Since then, dinner theatres have evolved into several different types.

The differences between dinner theatres rely on a few factors: the audience it hopes to attract, the level of audience participation, and how the meal blends into the entertainment. The most traditional type of dinner theatre showcases a major production. Many family-oriented venues have developed around a theme, like medieval knights or pirates. For adults, a popular category of dinner theatres is the murder mystery variety, which allows its audience to have a more active role with the play.

The Date Activity

If you are looking for a one-hit wonder that doesn't involve a lot of hassle, the dinner theatre can be a great solution. Many dinner theatres require you to wear something classier than your ratty old jeans, so make sure you know the dress code of the dinner theatre.

On Your Own / With Friends

This might not be the greatest activity to experience alone. However, as a group, a murder mystery dinner has great potential to be fun night out. Another option would be to purchase a murder mystery kit and host your own party at home.

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