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Dog Parks

It has been said that man's best friend is his dog, and now man can spend some great one on one time with his dog by visiting dog parks. Dog parks are fenced in sections of local parks where dogs are allowed to frolic, romp, and roam. They often include great toys, water fountains, and plenty of room for playing and exercising. Some dog parks don't use fences but rather incorporate a natural boundary, while other parks may simply have certain days where dogs are allowed to play off leash.

Back in the 70's it wasn't uncommon to see people playing Frisbee with their dogs in parks, or to find dogs swimming beside their owners at the beach. Today things are much different. Due to the fact that laws are in place to prevent dogs from running freely in public places, compromise was inevitable. Dog parks allow dog owners the opportunity to enjoy public fun with their pets, while those who may have a fear of dogs are not subjected to sharing their outdoor experience with them.

When you visit a dog park, you will find that there are a number of rules that you will have to follow. You will be responsible for removing any waste, as well as ensuring that your dog is well behaved. Excessive barking will not be tolerated and your dog must not show signs of being overly aggressive. Be sure to find out the rules of your local dog park before you attend.

The Date Activity

For pet lovers spending a date at a dog park is a great activity. The couple not only can enjoy the great outdoors, but it also gives you a chance to see how the other interacts with their dog. Dog owners understand that their pets are like children, and you can learn a lot about the character and nature of your date by seeing the relationship they have with their pet.

Before taking your date and her pet to a dog park, it is a good idea to visit the park beforehand. It is probably more beneficial to visit the park without your dog first, to ensure that the park has adequate facilities, familiarize yourself with the layout and design, and to make sure that other users are following the rules. After you have found the right park, you should feel comfortable taking both your date and her pet to the park as well. You may want to schedule a time for you and your date to introduce your pets. It is good to make sure that both of your dogs get along well with each other before spending the day at the park. Who knows, maybe you and your date won't be the only couple that finds true love.

On Your Own / With Friends

If you have a group of friends that own dogs, visiting dog parks is a great activity that you can all enjoy. If you don't have a local dog park in your community, you may be surprised to learn that it doesn't take much effort to start your own. A core group of people and contacting the right officials can get your local dog park off the ground. Not only are dog parks a great way for friends to spend time together with their pets, but the pets also need time to get out, play, and spend time with their friends as well.

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