Take A Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive

The road trip has been a classic American adventure from the time of the first automobile. We are a nation of drivers, and despite the high price of gasoline, the Sunday drive remains popular. It is precisely the higher price of gasoline that is making the scenic drive become a better option. The idea is that if you are going to drive just for the fun and to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, you might as well go to the best places to do just that.

A scenic drive is a marked roadway that is designed to bring you through and past the most interesting types of attractions and terrain in the shortest possible time. The interstate highway was designed to do just the opposite. It takes you around things and its goal is to get you to where you are going as fast as possible. The scenic drive winds slowly through its course, and encourages you to take your time and enjoy.

The Date Activity

The scenic drive can be an excellent dating activity. California scenic drives are among the best in the country because of the diversity of the terrain. California offers seashore, mountains, deserts, and big cities. Florida scenic drives are a close second because of the miles of seashore and terrain like the everglade swamps or the over the sea road to Key West. Washington scenic drives could make a claim for third place with the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest.

Every state has something to offer, and just about everyone's top three list would be different. The drive is a natural dating activity for a variety of reasons. The interior of an automobile offers a private and intimate place for conversation, and the attractions give you a topic. Many scenic drives will also pass by interesting historical sites, or maybe just a secluded picnic area with a spectacular view.

On Your Own / With Friends

As a group activity or solo activity, the scenic drive also has possibilities. Motorcycle clubs often plan excursions along the scenic drives. A club or social group with a van can make the drive a centerpiece for an outing. Since it only takes one person to drive a car, do a little searching and discover a scenic drive near you. The United States has been blessed by some of the most interesting and diverse terrain in the World and most of it can be viewed from the comfort of your car.

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