Fishing, like hunting, is one of those activities that have become recreational when it started as something totally different. Although it is not unlikely that early man fished for fun, it is certain his main interest in it was to provide food. Even today, commercial fishing is a major industry over the entire world.

It was not by accident that most of the world's earliest settlements grew up on the shores of the sea or on the banks of a river or lake. Fish was a plentiful and renewable food source that provided nutrients that were often absent in red meat or agricultural products. We can always get our fish intake out of the frozen food department of our grocery store, or served in most restaurants.

Despite this there is an attraction to the idea of enticing a fish to grab our lure and to pull him thrashing out of the depths. It seems almost to touch some deep, almost instinctive, cord deep in our being. Sport fishing has become one of the world's most popular recreational activities.

Fishing is one of the most gender specific of the major activities. It is not that females do not enjoy fishing, or that none of them do it. It has become part of our popular culture to view fishing as a male activity and one that often is a source of trouble between a couple. She wants to go shopping, and he wants to go fishing with the guys. This stereotype is unfortunate and not completely true.

There is nothing inherently male in the thrill of the bobber diving under the water, or the sense of accomplishment when the lunker is finally safe on the boat. Women enjoy this, too. Children love to fish. All of the things that make a day of lake fishing enjoyable to a man, the peace and quiet, the beauty and serenity of nature, and the challenge are equally attractive to a female. Do not leave her behind, and let fishing become a wedge driven into your relationship. Invite her to come with you. Make it into a date, but beware, most likely she is going to catch the big one.

There are all kinds of fishing, and you can catch a fish with a cane pole, a bit of string, and a hook with a wiggling worm. This is certainly true, but such specialized forms of fishing as fly fishing require special tackle and take some time to learn.

One of the best forms of fishing for groups is surf fishing. A surf fishing trip that includes camping on or near the beach can be one of the best vacation bargains ever. Surf fishing is often best at night. The taste of freshly cooked fish for breakfast can not be beat. Sure, you can just get away from it all and go drown a few worms to relieve some stress and relax, but fishing can be so much more than that. Explore the possibilities not only with the guys, but with your dating partners, too.

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