Scenester (seen-ster) - noun, person, role

A scenester is a taste-maker, trend-maker or hipster person who is "in the know" with specialized insight to a specific scene, within a particular Metro. PlanJam scenesters write the inside scoop about the “in” places to go, “hip” things to do and the “cool” hidden attractions within their Metro of residence. Scenesters offer authority, write reviews and offer expert opinions.

Scene (seen) - noun

(1.) A term used to define the preferred type of planning activity one selects as indicated in the PlanJam planning mode (i.e.: Romantic, Girls Just a Wanna Have Fun, Guys nights out, Bunch 'o Friends, Gay & Lesbian, Hip Mommas and Poppas). Usually directly related to the type of Jam one is experiencing:

a. It is Jane’s turn to plan the monthly girls “Saturday get together” and she does not have any ideas. Jane selects the “Girls Just-a-Wanna Have Fun” planning mode and plans an afternoon at the Fashion Museum, an early dinner at a trendy outdoor café followed by an Italian Ice on the bustling boardwalk. Jane is this month’s mega-superstar.

b. Dick is planning the first date with Jane and doesn’t know where to take her. Dick selects the “Romantic” planning mode and designs an outdoor- adventurous date that suites their personalities and becomes a winner in Jane’s mind, providing a solid foundation for a lasting relationship.

(2.) A specialty used to describe a scenester’s main focus. Linda is a scenester within the Chicago metro, but writes exclusively for the “Romantic” scene.

Jam (jam) - noun

A Jam is what occurs when a person is faced with making plans for a date, occasion, get together or hang out and doesn’t know what to do.

(1.) Dick does not know where to take his date Jane to celebrate their 1 month anniversary and Jane expects him to do the planning. Dick is in a jam.

Jammer (jam-mer) - noun

A person who finds himself or herself in a Jam and uses the online PlanJam planning tools to create a plan. A Jammer can be either a registered user (or member) or non-registered user.

Metro (met-row) - noun (pl. -ros)

PlanJam has divided geographical areas by "Metros" which are usually identified by a particular city but cover the surrounding areas as well: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Santa Barbra, San Francisco, etc.

Plan (plan) - noun

A plan is the result of using the PlanJam planning interface. Such options are available to the Jammer such as: viewing plan details including point to point driving directions, reading and reviewing specific location information and sharing plans.

In The Know (in-th ee-no) - phrase

PlanJam term used to define the skill set of the PlanJam Scenesters. One who actively participates in their particular scene within their metro of residence.