Go Kart Racing

Go Karts

In 1956, a man named Art Ingells built the first go-kart using a lawn mower engine and a pair of ropes for steering. He built it for his son to have some fun, and fun is just what millions the world over have been having ever since. The go-kart has come a long way since then, and yet they still retain the simple idea of the first one ever built.

The idea behind the activity is to have a safe way to let everyone, young and old, male or female, taste a little bit of the thrill of automobile racing. The small cars race around a track that is usually lined with rubber tires, and the fact that they are so low to the ground gives them the stability to avoid the kind of accidents that would make normal race car driving too dangerous. This makes go-kart racing an ideal family activity. Go-karts retain the feel of racing, as they navigate around the curved tracks with their little engines roaring.

The Date Activity

Go-karts are an ideal dating activity. The cost is not prohibitive, and it is sure to produce excitement. It is ideal for couples because it is an activity that could be considered outdoors and sporting all at the same time, and yet gives the male no advantage. Many men are going to find that not only will their dates leave them in a cloud of dust, but they will have to be careful that the kid in the kart behind him does not roar past him either.

On Your Own / With Friends

Go-kart racing can be an excellent idea for a group date, or any outing with friends. Many tracks hold various types of competitions in addition to open driving, and it is possible to schedule track time for "races" featuring only your group.

One such activity is called a Stag and Hen race, where the females (hens) compete against the males (stags) for bragging rights. You get acceleration, braking, racing, skidding, and if you are lucky, winning. It's hard to believe that you can have so much fun from those little cars.

Go Kart Racing Tracks In Zip: