Gondola Rides

Gondola Ride

The gondola, once the primary mode of transportation through the water channels of Venice, has now become a symbol for the city itself. Over the years, the gondola ride has also become a coveted activity for couples. Its success is likely due to its simplicity. Propelled by a single oarsman, called a gondolier, the gondola is able to move silently through the water.

The Date Activity

Romantic and relaxing, a gondola ride sets the mood to cuddle up with your date. As you glide along the water, tradition holds that the gondolier remains a discreet and steady fixture of the gondola to maintain the integrity of the experience. A gondola ride works perfectly as the main attraction or the low-key ending to your date. And you don't have to go to Venice to take one- many harbors in coastal areas over gondola rides.

Though it might not work well as a first date unless you already know there is great a deal of chemistry, since the success of this type of date is directly related to how much you enjoy each other's company.

On Your Own / With Friends

The gondola ride might lose a bit of its magical qualities if taken alone. Today, the ride is an experience, prized for its historical value, so don't you want to share it with someone else anyway? Though for the structural engineers and Italian historians, a gondola ride can be an interesting exercise of knowledge.

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