Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides

The hot air balloon has never been a practical form of transportation, and today it is used almost only for recreational purposes. In order to launch a balloon, air is pumped into the balloon and when there is enough air, a fire is light in the burner to heat it. Hot air is less dense than cool air, so the balloon is able to lift up off the ground and rise as long as the air inside the balloon is warmer than the air outside of it.

Once in the air, balloons are subject to the speed and direction of the wind. Which is why they have not proved to be efficient modes of transportation. The perk of moving with the wind current is you won't experience the type of rushing winds you normally would at high altitudes, making the hot air balloon ride a truly serene and unique experience.

The Date Activity

The hot air balloon ride can be a romantic idea for a date. Just remember whatever you share with your date during the ride will also be shared with the pilot.

On Your Own / With Friends

The hot air balloon ride can be enjoyed with a friend who loves to be in the air, and the bird's eye view. Or perhaps, you are a physical science buff that wants to examine the principles of science the hot air balloon uses in action.

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