IMAX Theaters

IMAX Theaters

If you enjoy watching a movie at the movie theater, seeing a show at the IMAX theater is something that you need to try. IMAX is short for Image Maximum and all IMAX films are displayed on a much larger screen than you would find in traditional theaters, and at a great resolution (IMAX screens are typically a little over 72 feet wide and 52 feet high).

IMAX movie theaters are known for having a much more interactive feel for the viewer. In a traditional theater, you are seated back from the screen, which causes you to be able to see other patrons, the side of the screen and the walls. Because an IMAX screen is so large, if you are looking straight ahead you are likely to see nothing but the screen. This can cause the movie to appear much more real.

If the camera shot tilts down, for instance, you will likely feel like you're actually moving down. As a result, many high action films are shown in IMAX theaters, as well as nature and space films. Recently, even some Disney movies have been shown on the large screen. Many Disney fans enjoy seeing animated films at an IMAX theater because the enlarged resolution allows you to see much of the actual drawings within the animation.

The Date Activity

An IMAX theater is a great place for a date because it combines a traditional dating activity with a new, added flair. If you like action, IMAX theaters are great, but you can also get a romantic view of the stars when you visit a museum that has an IMAX theater.

On Your Own / With Friends

Just like seeing a movie at a traditional movie theater, IMAX films are fun to see in a group. The theater is often large and does not cost much more than a regular film. It's an activity that can be done with almost any size group, and you can find films appropriate to any age level.

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