If you love to sing, it is time to move your vocals from the shower to a karaoke bar. Karaoke is when one or more people sing along to a vocal track into a microphone. The lyrics to the song are usually displayed on the karaoke machine or a monitor nearby. Typically, the words change color when it is time for you to sing them.

Karaoke has been around for almost thirty years - starting in Japan and then spreading across Asia. Now you can find karaoke bars throughout the world. In Korea, you can even sing karaoke while riding on the city bus.

While you can go to a bar which specializes in karaoke, it is also not uncommon for non-karaoke bars to host a weekly karaoke night. Many establishments offer karaoke contests and karaoke often appears as an event at large parties.

The Date Activity

Singing karaoke music with a date can be an interesting way to break the ice if you are both into music. Karaoke is best if you are not self-conscious about your singing voice, but even if you don't sing yourself, it can be fun to go listen to other people sing. Many karaoke bars also offer dancing and listening to karaoke can be a welcome change from the typical club scene.

On Your Own / With Friends

Karaoke is great for a group of friends. You can sing in groups, or just enjoy listening to your friend's rendition of a classic rock song. Most karaoke bars have a large play list with many types of music to pick from. If you sing karaoke, just try to relax and have a good time. Karaoke is about having fun, not worrying about whether you hit all the right notes. While some people use karaoke as a way to showcase their vocal talents, most just use it as a way to unwind and to enjoy seeing their friends up on stage.

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