A relatively new sport, kiteboarding, uses a kite attached to a surfboard to propel the rider along the surface of water, land, or snow. The most popular form of kiteboarding is on the water, called kitesurfing.

The appeal of kiteboarding, for many thrill seekers, is that the wind in the kite allows kiteboarders to achieve high speeds and greater power not otherwise possible without the kite. Not to mention the added vertical element of the sport provided by the kite.

The Date Activity

When practicing any sport, safety is an important issue. So lessons are a must if you have never kiteboarded before. If you're a seasoned kiteboarder and are confident about your teaching ability, ask your date if he or she would like to learn more about your hobby.

On Your Own / With Friends

Kiteboarding can be a great new sport to pick up if activities like wakeboarding, snowboarding, or surfing have ever appealed to you. Like other sports, it can be a great way to get some exercise, meet new people, and travel. If you like to travel, many some companies offer adventure/thrill-seeking travel packages that include group accommodations and instruction that might be of interest to you.

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