Kite Flying

Flying Kites

Dating back thousands of years, the first kites were used as a means of communication for militaristic endeavors. Today, kites are used mainly for recreation, and flying kites has become a popular activity with people old and young alike.

Part of the appeal in kite flying is how practical the activity can be. Many simple kites can be made at home (or purchased for a small price) and all you need to go fly a kite is some strong twine, and of course, the wind.

You can fly kites almost anywhere you like, but the most popular places are usually the local park and/or beach. If you do decide to go kite flying in your back yard or around the neighborhood, please be cautious and avoid the power lines.

The Date Activity

Flying kites on your date provides an excellent opportunity to talk and get to know your partner, especially if you're on the first date. Kite flying is an inexpensive activity and most of the basic kites can be purchased online for about $20 with shipping.

On Your Own / With Friends

Flying a kite can be incredibly relaxing, so if you had a stressful week at work or at home, take the time to relax, feel the breeze, and watch your kite waft in the sky. Alternatively, you can grab some friends and head out to the local beach on a sunny day. To fly a kite with a bit more aggression, look into kite fighting or for an extra challenge, seek out a specialty kite.

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