A Game of Laser Tag

Laser Tag

The United States Army developed a training device called the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System. It was known as MILES gear and consisted of a jacket containing laser sensitive receiving areas and an infrared emitting device that could be attached to the barrel of a rifle. When a blank round was fired by the rifle, it emitted a laser beam that traveled in the exact trajectory that a bullet would follow.

If the beam hit the laser receiving device, a buzzer would sound that could not be silenced until deactivated with a special key. The idea was to simulate the casualties of a battle during training exercises. It taught soldiers how to avoid being shot by showing them how easy it was to have it happen.

In 1986, this idea led to the development of a similar device in which the receiver was programmed to record the number of hits received and record them or transfer the data to a remote computer. A business called Photon World was opened in Dallas, Texas, where players equipped with the devices would fight mock battles inside a building filled with hiding places and obstacles. A couple of years later, the devices were marketed for home use and became a very popular form of children's toy.

The Date Activity

Today, laser tag arenas are a world wide form of entertainment. A trip to one can be an exciting dating activity provided both parties are dressed and prepared for physical activity. Laser tag is not quite as physically demanding as other forms of shooting sports, and has the advantage of no actual projectile. This means protective equipment is not needed, and the weight you have to carry is less.

It does involve running and hiding to do it well. It is a harmless outlet for some natural aggression and the scorekeeping makes it competitive as well. The cost of playing is not unreasonable, and the investment in time is such that the activity can be coupled with dinner or other dating activity as well.

On Your Own / With Friends

Game laser tag for groups is also popular. Many laser tag venues feature league play and tournaments are not uncommon. In some places, laser tag equipment designed for outdoor use can be rented or purchased for home play as well.

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