Lookout Spots

Lookout Spots

A lookout spot is a location that is usually elevated above its surroundings, offering a panoramic view for its visitors. The purpose of using this type of destination is to observe and appreciate what you see before you. Besides the view, most lookout spots offer little to no recreational usage.

A tip: lookout spots are often unlit to optimize on the view, careful where you step and where comfortable shoes. Also, higher elevations usually mean a temperature drop. So bring a jacket.

The Date Activity

Lookout spots are notorious for their use as "makeout" points. If you are going on a first date, it is not recommended you make this your destination for fear of sending the wrong message. However, further into a relationship, this can be a scenic place to take a date to enjoy the view and hopefully some good conversation. You can also impress your date with your sensitive side. Though be careful boys, avoid trite statements like: "Aren't the stars beautiful?" Because girls are smart. Be analytical, ponder this: why is the bird's eye view special?

On Your Own / With Friends

Rough day? Just need to think? A lookout spot may offer the peace and quiet you need to sort your thoughts out. It might also help you see the big picture. Or maybe you need a place to hang with your friends with no distractions? A lookout spot can also be an ideal choice for hanging out to get away from it all.

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