Magic Show

Magic Shows

For as long as one can remember, magic has been both a source of mystery and entertainment. In primitive society, magic was closely related to religion. Magic was thought to be of supernatural origins and it was associated with much fear and superstition.

Many of the myths and fairy tales that have been passed down through the years are filled with tales of magic and magicians. A distinction was made between black magic and white magic. One was used for evil purposes, and the other was used for good. The belief in this type of magic has not totally disappeared from our world despite the great increase in scientific knowledge.

There is another aspect of magic, however, and this aspect is entertainment. Magicians have dazzled crowds for thousands of years in fairs and market places by performing slight of the hand tricks for profit. In more recent times some Magicians such as the great Harry Houdini have become world renowned celebrities with feats of trickery and impossible escapes. The image of the girl in a box being sawed in half by a black cloaked Magician has become a part of our common culture.

The Date Activity

A magic show could be an interesting and different choice for a dating activity. In many larger areas magic shows are held on a regular basis in different venues. The magic show date is not unlike a theater date or concert date, and the steps involved in planning the date would be the same.

As with any such activity, it would not hurt to have an idea of your prospective dating partner's interest and feelings toward it. Magic shows are generally fun and harmless, and most people are fascinated by it. A check of a recent Los Angles magic show revealed a ticket cost far below normal music concert prices, but be aware that shows by nationally known Magicians would be similar to a popular band concert.

On Your Own / With Friends

Magic and Magicians are usually available for group activities as well. Many Magicians do all their work in private shows that range from birthday parties to weddings. One form of Magic that has become increasingly popular is called table magic where the performer works his way from table to table performing tricks and mind reading stunts at very close range. Being so close to the actual performance and still not being able to detect how the tricks are being done adds to the excitement of the event.

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