The Movie Theater

Movie Theaters

The movie date has long been the standard dating activity. Everyone loves to see a good movie, and although the prices have risen substantially in the last ten years or so, movies are still a relatively inexpensive activity. Even small towns have a least one movie theater and newer movie theaters are fully loaded with surround sound stereo systems and plush stadium seating.

If you are into foreign or independent movies, you'll also find smaller theaters which show these films most nights of the week. If you'd rather stay in, you can always rent a movie. There are popular plans now which allow you to subscribe to a company and place movies you'd like to see in an internet "queue."

The next movie on your list is sent to you in the mail. Once you send it back, they send the next movie right away. If you are a movie buff, this can be a great way to save money on movie rentals and late fees. You can usually get new movies as they are released without fighting the lines at the video rental store on a Friday night.

The Date Activity

Going to the movies on a first date, however, is typically not a good idea. The very nature of a movie requires you to be quiet. This doesn't work well in a situation where you are supposed to be getting to know the person you are with. If you are going to go to the movies on a first date, make sure you go to dinner before or after as well so you will have time to talk.

On Your Own / With Friends

Movies are great for group activities. For the price of one movie rental, you can entertain your whole group of friends. If you are heading to the theater to see a movie, make sure you arrive early if you have a large group so that you can find seats together.

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