Paddle Boating

Paddle Boating

If you look around most waterfront resort areas, you will often see people of all ages out on paddle boats. For people who enjoy the water, but don't want to deal with trying to row a boat or operate a motor or sail, paddle boating can be a great alternative.

Paddle boats are small square boats which typically seat two people. Each person has their own set of pedals, similar to those on a bicycle. As the passengers pedal, the pedals turn a larger paddle wheel which then causes the boat to move.

The Date Activity

Heading out on a paddle boat is a great way to spend an afternoon with a date. They are available for rent at most lake areas, and are inexpensive. Paddle boating requires no real skill. As long as you are able to pedal a bike then you should have no problem operating a paddle boat.

Paddle boats are quiet, which allows you to talk with your date and get to know each other. Plus, you gain all the same benefits of any water sport; beautiful scenery, calming water, romantic atmosphere, and a way to enjoy the outdoors together.

On Your Own / With Friends

Although paddle boats are typically built for two, some boats allow more passengers. If not, paddle boating is still a great activity for a group of friends. You can all pedal out to the middle of the lake and enjoy the day together. It is easy to get in and out of the boat, so you and your friends can swim or just relax while floating along. It is an inexpensive way to spend the day, and is an ideal activity if your day will include children.

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