Paragliding, a flying sport, uses a fabric wing to launch the pilot from the ground. While paragliding for most, is a one-time recreational activity, it can be a competitive sport. For those who are thinking about learning the art of paragliding, many schools offer flights with experienced pilots (tandem flying) to introduce interested folk to the experience.

The Date Activity

If you choose to go paragliding as beginners, lessons are a must. If it's possible, locate an area that would also offer a great view from up above. Tandem flights can also be taken for pleasure, the drawback being that unless you or your date is the experienced pilot, you can't enjoy the experience completely together.

On Your Own / With Friends

As a free flying, foot launched sport, paragliding can be a great activity to practice on your own or with friends, as it does not require bulking equipment. The wing can be packed up and ready for another launch at anytime. This fact also gives paragliding great potential for being a fun activity to practice while traveling.

Paragliding Locations In Zip: