Parasailing is a hugely popular sport in which the rider is hitched up to a harness with a parachute that acts like a canopy known as a parasail. The parasail is then attached to a long towboat that when pulled along lifts the rider up into the air. Altitude is usually decided beforehand and can be controlled by the speed of the boat.

Parasailing began in the 1960's when Pierre Lamoigne attached a parachute to a car. You can do parasailing by land, but it is more often thought to be a water sport, plus it is a bit safer.

The Date Activity

There are many places to parasail but none as popular as California parasailing. Whether it be in Catalina or Santa Barbara, California parasailing is made for romance. There is nothing like watching your date fly almost 500 feet in the air above the beautiful coastline of California.

Just the sights and sounds of the coastline are romantic enough, but when you are together raising your adrenaline by parasailing, it can only lend itself to a very romantic evening.

On Your Own / With Friends

Parasailing is an activity that many friends do together also. Parasailing tours have become increasingly popular. It is a way to combine a vacation with a few friends, and enjoy the sport that you all love. You can fly single or tandem during these tours, and what is great about them is that most are no experience necessary. Parasailing tours usually spend the first day teaching you how to safely participate, and then they let you loose, taking you to different locations everyday.

One of the most popular parasailing tours is in Maui. Large groups of friends get together every year to make this trek to the beautiful island where they can enjoy the day parasailing, and the nights partying.

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