Local Parks & State Parks


Feeling stifled by urbanity? Frederick Law Olmsted believed every urbanite had a right to open green space; a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The result? New York City's Central Park. We might not all be able to enjoy Central Park, but all parks are a great opportunity to embrace the tree-hugger inside of you.

Just remember some basic etiquette: Respect that parks are public goods (read: your tax dollars at work) by abiding by the rules by putting your trash in a trash receptacle, walking on designated trails and paths, and not swimming in the pond, lake, or fountain.

The Date Activity

A stroll, or perhaps even a jog, through a park means you can enjoy nature while enjoying the company of your date as well. Many parks sponsor museums or nature centers focused on educating visitors of local history and ecology, offering a spontaneous, and fun segue during your date. And of course, the rolling hills and the pastoral sentiments of the park can be the perfect setting for a picnic. Surprise your date with a picnic basket and a plaid tablecloth. It could be the beginning of a low-key, but fantastic day out in the sun.

On Your Own / With Friends

You don't need anyone to enjoy a park! That's not to say some good company wouldn't be a nice thing to have. Almost all parks offer basic amenities like picnic tables and grills. Some parks and state parks include lakes and allow you to fish, and offer boat rentals. A trip to the park is the perfect, idyllic way to spend the day!

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