Pottery & Pottery Painting


Pottery has been part of most cultures since the beginning of recorded history. Although it was originally created as a functional piece, it is the artistry and design that has continued its popularity today. There are many art centers and pottery studios which allow you to learn the art of ceramics pottery.

The Date Activity

Learning how to throw a pot is an ideal date choice for the artistic, laid-back couple. Pottery can be relaxing and you can pick up on the skill fairly quickly. If you are not ready to try your hand at the pottery wheel, there are many locations that offer pottery painting. Here you'll find pottery that has already been created which you can paint with your own designs.

Working on pottery is ideal for a date because you can still talk with your partner while you work on your individual projects. It also is an activity that you could work on at home if you find that you have an interest or a particular talent in pottery. In most locations, the pottery studio will provide you with all the materials you need to get started. You will just need to make sure you wear old clothing as you will get quite messy.

On Your Own / With Friends

You can also arrange group lessons for you and your friends if you are all interested in learning about this ancient art form. If you do not normally participate in the arts, it can be an unusual way to spend an afternoon. Even if you aren't interested in creating pottery yourself, you should consider checking out a pottery exhibit at a local museum. You will be amazed at how something so simple can tell you so much about a civilization or culture.

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