Racquetball is a fast paced sport that was created using the principles of handball and squash. Racquetball is unique in that you are permitted to bounce the ball off of the floors, walls and ceiling. You can play it indoors or outdoors, but it must be played in a racquetball court. Most games are played with two people, but there are variations in which three or four people can play. Racquetball was invented in 1949 by Joe Sobek who was a tennis and handball player. He designed the racquet and made the rules for the game which he called paddle rackets. In 1969, the name was changed to racquetball and the International Racquetball Association was formed.

The sport became extremely popular during the 1970s. It was estimated that by the mid-seventies, over three million people played the sport. In the 80s, however, the popularity of racquetball began to decline slightly as gyms began to use the space which once housed racquetball courts for aerobics and for the new exercise machines. Despite this, today racquetball is a widely played game with over 5.5 million players.

The Date Activity

If you meet a man or woman who knows how to play racquetball, then playing a friendly racquetball game can make for an exciting date. In fact, racquetball can be a good way to meet people as many gyms have open court nights where players write their names on a list in order of arrival. The first game is played by the first two players on the list. The winner of the first game goes on to play the next person on the list.

If you belong to a gym which offers racquetball courts, court time is often included in your membership fee. This makes playing racquetball an inexpensive date option as the equipment can generally be borrowed from the gym. You can also buy your own racquetball equipment if you find that you enjoy playing the sport with your partner. All you will need to purchase is your racquet, a racquetball and a pair of racquetball goggles. Racquetball is a high energy sport, so you will want to make sure your date is into athletics before you schedule a game.

On Your Own / With Friends

Racquetball leagues exist at many gyms. Matches are scheduled usually once or twice a week at a designated time. The advantage of league play is that you always have someone to play against. You also will find that playing consistently allows you to improve your skills much more quickly. If you have friends that are into racquetball, playing a game after work can be a way to reduce stress and stay healthy. Most gyms require you to reserve a court forty-eight to seventy-two hours in advance, so make sure you plan ahead.

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