When you are visiting a beach resort or camping at a lakeside and find out the expense, training, and dangers of scuba diving, you might become discouraged. There is an alternative. Snorkeling is an inexpensive, easy to do, and safe way to enjoy most of the fun of diving without the extensive training. Snorkeling involves swimming on the surface with a mask and a tube to provide air. Often fins to aid in swimming, and a wet suit for colder water are part of the equipment.

When snorkeling, you can swim for a long time and observe what is happening under the water. It is very popular in areas where there are coral reefs, and of course, does better in swallow water.

The Date Activity

Despite the fact that snorkeling is as safe as swimming, this does not exempt it from the basic "buddy" system requirement. The use of the buddy system is the standard for just about any aquatic activity. This is not a problem though because your buddy could also be your date.

There is a serenity and beauty in the undersea world that is very conducive to romance. Snorkeling gear is not very expensive and can usually be rented near any body of water that offers good snorkeling conditions. It is a good start for someone interested in scuba diving because it gives a taste of that activity that often only whets the appetite for more.

On Your Own / With Friends

You can do it anywhere really, but there are places that seem that they were put here just for snorkeling. Coral reefs and sandbars are two examples of these types of places. The life on the coral reef is so diverse, colorful, and fascinating that glass bottom boats are often employed to give people a glimpse of it. When snorkeling this world is yours to savor and explore. If you are near one of these special places, a snorkeling club could be a good idea.

Some of the side activities of snorkeling include spear fishing and underwater photography. When you have an organized group to share these things, you will at least be sure of having some company for your own snorkeling trip. If you do not live close to the shore, and are not going to be able to get there any time soon, there are still rivers and lakes. Both of these offer snorkeling possibilities, but be aware of water clarity. Many rivers and some lakes are not good for snorkeling due to muddy water.

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