Sporting Events

Sporting Event

Being a spectator at a sporting event is one of the oldest past times in history. For thousands of years, people have gathered to watch athletes compete against each other. Sporting events are fun and exciting, and can be enjoyed alone, with a date, or with a group of friends.

The Date Activity

You do not have to be a huge sports fan to go on a date to a sporting event. Many people find that their experience at a live event is much different than simply watching a game on TV. There is a sense of excitement and camaraderie that can only be felt when you see a last minute home run or a photo finish in person. Setting up a date requires little more than purchasing a sporting event ticket. These can easily be purchased online or at the box office.

Baseball, football, and Basketball are all traditional choices. However, consider watching a NASCAR race, a track and field event, a gymnastic tournament, a hockey match, a professional soccer team, or even just going to see your local high school team compete against their rivals. Going on a date to a sporting event gives you time to talk, but there is not a lot of pressure because it has a built in activity. If the date goes well, you can get drinks or dinner after the game.

On Your Own / With Friends

Sporting events are great for a group of friends because you can easily accommodate everyone. It is something that anyone can do, regardless of their physical abilities or age. Many people enjoy making a whole day out of attending a game. You can tailgate beforehand, and then follow it up with drinks afterward. For popular teams or events, remember to plan ahead as tickets sell out quickly.

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