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Drama is among the oldest of all human art forms. It evolved from the story telling that along with primitive music formed the only sources of entertainment for ancient man huddled in caves or crude shelters around fires during long nights.

In the very beginning, stories were acted out sometimes as part of a dance or religious style ritual. This acting out served a purpose beyond entertainment. It was the earliest form of education as well. Hunters would act out their hunts, and warriors would act out their battles to teach others as well as to relate and save the stories. By the time of Ancient Greece, drama had evolved into the form that still exists today.

Plays by early Greek authors still survive centuries after they were first performed, and some are still performed today. The Golden Age of drama may have been the time of William Shakespeare and the Globe Theater of London. Although the motion picture industry and television have become the popular story telling art forms of our modern era, live theater has not lost its appeal.

Live Theater comes in many forms. High Schools and Colleges with drama departments often stage plays, and they are usually quite good. They are also inexpensive. Another popular theater option is the Dinner Theater. A Dinner Theater combines a live performance with a dinner. In some cases, the actors and actresses double as waiters and waitresses which adds to the intimacy of the experience.

The Date Activity

There are a couple of factors to consider when planning a theater date. Unlike a movie theater, it is usually a good idea to purchase tickets well in advance. A trip to the theater is not a good spur of the moment activity. Most performances are sell outs, and even if they are not, seating is a prime consideration. Unlike the movie theater, where you sit is a bit more crucial in live theater. The action takes place lower and on a stage and not up on that big and easy to see screen with its surround sound speakers.

It is a good idea to consider the subject matter of a play as well. This is no different than selecting a movie, although many couples see theater as being somehow different. Although it is true that there is a certain magic to almost any live performance, the magic is still better when the subject of the play is of interest and not offensive.

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