Theme Park / Amusement Park

Theme Parks

Theme parks are one of the most popular choices for something to do during the spring and summer months. While some of the largest theme parks are located in California and Florida, there are also smaller parks throughout the United States.

These attractions get their name because they are centered around a common theme. Amusement theme parks include roller coasters, thrill rides, water based rides, as well as rides that are designed for children.

Some theme parks are historically based, or centered around a famous person. There are also theme parks that are similar to zoos. These types usually focus on exotic animals in a natural setting, or animals found in the ocean.

In addition to the main attractions, theme parks are famous for their shows. Broadway reviews, comedy shows and magicians are frequently found as a way to escape bad weather. The parks are generally inclusive, meaning there are multiple food choices available for you without having to leave the park.

The Date Activity

Theme parks make a great date. Rides and attractions are usually designed for two people. Although many people enjoy roller coasters, there are plenty of things to do if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground. There are usually large arcade areas where you can win your date a stuffed bear or other prize.

Theme parks can be somewhat costly. However, most parks offer a season pass option, which allows you to enter the park as many times as you would like for the cost of about two admission tickets. Theme parks can bring out the kid in you, but don't count them out for a romantic date either. Most parks offer firework displays after dark, and there are usually some fine dining choices as well.

On Your Own / With Friends

For a group of fun-loving friends, a theme park is the way to go. Waiting in line is always more fun when you are with a group. Just make sure you have an even number of people so that every person has someone to sit with on the rides.

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