The Water Park

Water Parks

Water parks are a form of amusement park which focuses its attention on water based rides and attractions. Some water parks are attached to a larger land based amusement park, and your admission ticket gains you access to both parks.

There are also a large number of stand alone water parks. They are typically outdoors, allowing them only to be opened during the warmer months.

However, there has been an increase in water parks that are entirely indoors. Water parks typically include water slides, fountains, wading pools, manufactured "rivers" which you can float on with an inner tube, and even artificial surfing pools.

The Date Activity

Water parks work well for a couple that enjoys the sun. If you are adventurous, you can try one of the high speed water slides. There are also many chances to just sit with your feet in the water or simply enjoy a wave pool. Water parks are often enjoyed by those who prefer to stay out of the ocean, or would rather be at a water front location where there are ample bathrooms and restaurant choices.

For an overnight date, consider a resort which has an indoor water theme park included. These resorts can be enjoyed year round, and can be extremely romantic, but also have an element of fun.

On Your Own / With Friends

You can easily entertain a group of friends at a water park. Adventure lovers will have fun on the tall speed slides, but you can also find activities for parents and small children to do together. Water park admission typically is around the same price as other amusement parks, and you can often get discount coupons in the newspaper or at local grocery stores. Water parks often include arcade areas, as well as snack bars and restaurants.

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