Cheap Date Ideas

You don't need to empty your bank account in order to have a fun date. Dating can be expensive but with a little thought you can plan a great day or evening out without spending anything (i.e. being cheap)! Here are 20 cheap date ideas to get you started:

Tour A Museum

There are many museums that are free to the public. This goes for art galleries too. Search online for places near you that do not charge an admission fee.

Movie Marathon

Have a movie marathon where each of you bring your favorite DVD's. You can spend all night cuddled up on the couch without spending a dime.

Go For A Drive

See the leaves change, look at Christmas lights, watch the first spring flowers. Drive to a town you've never been to and walk around.

Window Shopping

Visit antique stores, big toy stores or great used book stores. Unless you find something you love, you don't have to pay a cent to look!

Watch The Stars

If it is nice out, spread out a blanket and look for stars. Bring a map of constellations to help you identify what you are looking at. Check online to see when special events occur such as comets or meteor showers.

Open House

Visit open houses in a wealthy neighborhood. Have fun looking at the opulent and extravagant houses and imaging that you had enough money to buy them!


Go swimming in a lake or river.

People Watching

Go people watching at an airport or mall. Tell each other stories about the people that you see.


Go to a playground and play on the swings and the merry go round.

Watch Sunset

Watch the sunset together. Or get up really early and watch the sunrise.


Visit a public garden and take pictures of the flowers.


Visit an old cemetery and do grave rubbings.

Bike Ride

Go for a bike ride or rollerblading together.

Pet Store

Go to the pet store and look at the dogs and cats together.

Group Date

Arrange a group date where each couple brings a dish they prepared together.

Board Games

Play board games. There are a lot of good games for two people.

Visit Your Hometown

If you're close to your hometown, drive around and show your date where you grew up and went to school.

Play In The Snow

If it is snowing, have a snowball fight. Build a snowman.


Put together a large puzzle, then use puzzle glue so you can keep it!


Dance in the rain (or anywhere else for that matter).