Unique Date Ideas

Do you want to show your date how special they really are? Find a date as creative and original as they are using our unique date ideas. Remember though, the best ideas are the ones that reflect your knowledge of your date, which may mean that they may not be as ready as you are for some of the wilder date ideas below.

Laser Tag

Does your date have a competitive spirit? Arm yourself with laser guns and enter a full-out war in a special laser tag arena. It is always best to try and be on the same side as to avoid a full-blown confrontation in the first thirty minutes of your date, but if your date is actually up for laser tag, anything goes.

Magic Show

If you're getting tired of going to the movies all the time and you're not really theater people, why not try a magic show? Let the mysteries of the unknown wash over you as you sip a cocktail together and enjoy real entertainment.

Scuba Diving

If you're both certified, why not do some scuba diving? Even if you're not certified, snorkeling isn't a bad choice either. Experience the wonders of the ocean floor together thirty, or three, feet under. You should always dive with a buddy, so why not make it a buddy that you're attracted to?

Deep Sea Fishing

Bobbing in the waves with endless ocean stretching out in all directions can be the perfect backdrop for a little romantic adventure - fish! Enjoy the rush as your date snags their first keeper, and you might even get to assist them as they reel it in.

Hang Gliding

If the wind and freedom speak to the both of you, why not answer the call and fly away together? Hang Gliding can be both exhilarating and peaceful at the same time, and would be wonderful to experience with the person you love, or at least like a lot.

Go Karts

Want to race? Hop into a Go Kart and see who the superior driver is once and for all! A little healthy competition can be good for a relationship, especially if there is laughter involved, too.

Hot Air Balloon

The most majestic views ever offered are available only from a dangling basket hundreds of feet in the sky. Take a hot air balloon ride and be dazzled by the vastness of the landscape as well as your date's expression of wonder.


Nature is calling, and who better to answer than you? Suit up and take a leisurely, or intense, hike through a national parks or preserve with your date. Feast on granola bars and feel the warmth of the sunshine as the two of you march to your own beat.

Mountain Biking

For a bit more of a workout and rush, try mountain biking. Rent or take your own bikes to a suitable trail, bring along some water and maybe a band-aid and you're off on a magical, jarring ride for two.

Volunteer Work

Helping others is one of the most rewarding experiences available. Why not work together in a food pantry or soup kitchen? There are always charitable organizations in need of help and working for the greater good will break down any defenses and allow the two of you greater intimacy.