Fun Date Ideas

So you managed to survive the first date and you're not ready to stage something romantic for the second? What do you do on those in between dates, anyway? There are a wide variety of options available, and what you choose should be catered to the tastes of both you and your date. Try something simple and enjoyable like these fun date ideas:


Revisit your childhood by taking your date to the arcade. Most arcades have a good combination of the classics from you past as well as the most contemporary games of the present. Go head to head in Mortal Combat or test your virtual driving skills. Regardless, you will have a blast – especially if you trade your tokens in for a prize especially for her.


For a classic and fun date idea, why not go bowling together. Some bowling alleys have special programs at night such as "Rock and Bowl," or simply stick to the basics and compete to get the first strike. Just a tip, be sure you leave your overly competitive spirit at home. Bowling is also a great double date and first date idea.


Now you have a lucky lady to blow on the dice, why not use her? Head over to your nearest casino and experience the rush of gambling together. Try high stakes, if you dare, or laugh together over nickel slots. It doesn't matter so long as you're having fun! A casino date can get a little pricey and is not the greatest idea if you're on a budget.

Horseback Riding

Going horseback riding is an excellent idea for a fun date (an it's kinda romantic too). Try taking in the beach sights or the rolling hills on horseback. If you are brave enough, you might even find a stable that allows cantering, and then ride through the wind together in a perfect approximation of western style.

Play Frisbee (Frisbee Golf)

Those beautiful green spaces at your local park are begging for a peaceful activity. Find an open space and throw a Frisbee around, or if you prefer additional structure, take in a game of Frisbee golf. Again, save the battle spirit for your buddies, this is supposed to be a fun date.

Batting Cages

Pounding a few balls in the batting cage can relieve stress and release endorphins. Get a natural high while you perfect your swing - or hers.

Amusement Park

Move over Mickey Mouse! Roller coasters and water rides are a blast. Be a child for a day and spin yourself silly, then stuff yourselves with funnel cake and cotton candy. You and your date will love every minute of it.

Sporting Event

Have a favorite team? Take in a game, or see a sport you haven't tried before. Sit behind the glass at a hockey game or learn the finer points of baseball. Of course, remember the beer and hot dogs, they are a must for watching any event.

Video Games

Do you have a video game system? Invite your date over for a taste of the "other side." Rent a game together and sit back with a pizza while you battle demons together or take Mario to the next level.

The Zoo

Think back to your childhood and remember your love for animals. If you are both animal lovers, there is no doubt that the zoo is an excellent place to visit. Take your date to the zoo and exclaim over the antics of monkeys or take in a dolphin performance. Feed peanuts to the elephants and perhaps to each other.