Ron Zvagelsky - Kite Flying Visionary (founding partner)

Ben Franklin was struck by lightening; Ron Zvagelsky was struck by vision. One might say, both were guided by energetic forces “of the sky”. (In Mr. Zvagelesky’s case, his name encapsulated the sky as a reminder of said inspiration.) Ron Zvagelsky birthed the idea of PlanJam in his entrepreneurial studies course at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where he received his degree in business in the spring of 2006.

Building, refining, organizing and dreaming since early 2006, Mr. Zvagelsky has always been the visionary force driving this project forward. Often referred to as “the man behind the curtain”, Ron Zvagelsky lives, breathes, sleeps and dreams all things PlanJam. Special credit goes out to the loving support of his cat, Anibun, Ron’s favorite roommate.

Eugene Gimelberg - Sand Castle Engineer (founding partner)

Building a complex sand castle requires complex engineering, exploring every unheard possibility, leaving no shell unturned. Such is the style of code ninja-warrior Eugene Gimelberg whose sandcastle codes can stand up to not only to the cruelest hermit crab revolt, but the largest tsunami!

Elementary School pal of Ron Zvagelsky, Mr. Gimelberg graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a BS in Computer Science in 2005. Cracking the Da Vinci code when he was only 5, this native Ukrainian boy-wonder is responsible for the design and implementation of the entire PlanJam engine. Nothing but perfection will do, for Mr. Gimelberg. Mr. Gimelberg spends his free time designing artificial intelligence algorithms in hopes that he will be prepared should robots ever decide to take over the world.

Lainie Liberti - Hang Gliding Alchemist (creative director)

Where does one generally go hang-gliding? In the sky of course, which is where you'll find Lainie Liberti, the Marketing, Graphics and Experience Design talent behind the new Brimming with enthusiasm, Ms. Liberti has a unique gift of identifying the blue-sky-scenarios and manifesting them into visual earthly delights. The brand visionary behind the PlanJam relaunch, Lainie worked as the visual translator to help bring to life a fresh collaborative vision.

Dazzling clients with her high-energy designs for over 18 years, Ms. Liberti spends her time between steering the creative engine behind PlanJam, running her own branding agency, jungle [8] and being a mom to her son Miro and dog Henry.

Serghei Razarionov - International Data Physician

Serghei traces his international stardom and suave key-stroke techniques back to the year 2000, when he got his first computer, a Pentium 2. Today’s tool of choice is his candy-apple red-diamond encrusted Athlon 2800. When not contributing to the ongoing database within the diverse PlanJam universe, Mr. Razarionov can be found bowling, listening to music, and going to clubs in his native Moldova. Being an international man of data allows Mr. Razarionov to travel to such destinations as Egypt and Israel in search of the world's finest sand dunes and other desert hot spots.

Tuan Vutran - Icons & Acquisitions

The iconic Mr. Tuan Vutran has sanctified PlanJam through his “illustration styling” by designing well over 200 unique icons without a single complaint. (We appreciate that, Tuan, really we do.) Tuan’s uber-calm and “can-do” approach always keeps the PlanJam team dreaming up new ways to stump this unstumpable Icons and Acquisitions Illustration Guru.

Gregory Spiker - Cake Cutter

Gregory Spiker was born in Portland. Gregory Spiker likes cake. Gregory Spiker is the resident expert cake cutter. Gregory Spiker has spent countless hours cutting graphics, icons and cake all in support of the PlanJam vision. Gregory Spiker was also part of the initial branding team and contributed to the making of the new PlanJam logo. Thanks Gregory Spiker! (Can you cut us an extra large piece with lotsa frosting this time, please?)

Miro - Mascot & Arcade Practitioner

Miro, the 8.75 year-old talent is dedicated to keeping the PlanJam team focused on the future. Often found reenacting scenes from Mario Party 2, Miro seems to have found a magical-never-ending supply of mushrooms to hurl at the PlanJam team. Help us Luigi!!!

Jake & Henry - Dog Park Analysts

Jake (above) and Henry (below) have two of the best noses for sniffing out the "poop" when it comes to doggie parks. For that, we thank them.