Faced with that age old, ambiguous jam of not knowing what to do or where to do it, the makers of PlanJam set out to answer the question: "What should we do today?"

Turning to the Internet, the only available choices were the search engines, but that's where the problem lies. Noticing that you first have to know what you want to do before you search, presents a huge challenge, especially if you don't have any ideas…

Scenario #1

Imagine, say, you have a first date planned and you want to impress this girl by planning a wonderfully unique date. (After all, she finally said yes after 2 months of asking her out so you don't want to blow it now.) Suppose she just moved 25 miles across town you have no idea what to do in her neighborhood, where to go or any place to eat.

You are in it deep, my friend. Impressing her may not be in the cards for you, after all.

Wait? How can this be? You got an Internet connection. You got the world at your fingertips. Only you don't know where to start.

If only there was a place you could go that you can type in the situation, like, "a first date", then type in the zip code or city you plan on being in and get a whole slew of ideas…

There is such a place now. PlanJam!

Scenario #2

Ok. That's one scenario. Here's another to consider:

Let's say you actually did know what you wanted to do. You had a very simple need, like organizing an early evening basketball game with the guys and then going to a cool sports pub nearby that has a great selection of import beers on tap.

Not too much to ask for, is it? If only there was one online destination that could:

  1. find all the centrally located basketball courts in relation to where your friends live
  2. determine which ones had outdoor lighting
  3. see how other people rated the courts
  4. find nearby pubs
  5. find out which beers are available on tap
  6. estimate travel time and costs involved
  7. get driving directions from the court to the pub
  8. send directions and info to each of your friends
  9. save plan to use again in the future

There is one place you can do all that. PlanJam.

In a time, known as "BPJ" (before PlanJam) you had go to 3-6 different web sites and use multiple services. Not anymore.

Let's Recap

Not sure what you want to do? Go to PlanJam!

Know what you want to do, but not sure where to do it? Go to PlanJam!

PlanJam is the online, activity-planning tool that transports you and friends from a passive online computer search to the real-life scene. PlanJam cuts online search time in half and stores all your planning ideas so you can access and share them, whenever you want!

How Does It Work?

Packed with city-specific suggestions and cool things to do around your city, including tips from those "in the know", PlanJam places you directly into "the scene", whatever your scene might be, in your neighborhood or someone else's.

The PlanJam tool offers users a custom plan, personalized by the type of planner, desired experience, time of day and location, resulting in a point-to-point plan with a map and driving directions, time and cost estimates with plan share and review options.

Wanna see more? Take the tour to see how it's done or just start planning today.