We’ve got big plans for 2008 and the future ahead. Yep. We do. While a lots of it is top secret, under wraps, hush-hush, we’ll give you a little peek into to some of the stuff we are working on: (shhhhhhhhhh!)

More Activities.

We are constantly adding new activities to our database. Our focus this year is to beef up our city information guides to include those hidden treasures, one-of-a-kind adventures, unique city attractions and much, much more. We love our scenes and are constantly searching for new information to add to our database to serve each and everyone with by offering a truly unique experience of custom tailored activities. Got ideas? Send them here.

More Metros.

We are currently working on rolling out several more Metros, with the goal of serving the top 25 U.S. Metros before the year is done. Wanna help? We’re looking for Scenesters that are “in the know”.

New Membership Features.

We are working on new ways to serve our members with more elaborate features, widgets, API’s and add-ons. Please stay tuned for updates. We have many new things in the works. Sign up for our free membership now, and you’ll automatically be informed as we roll out new features.

Advertising Opportunities.

The Makers of PlanJam are currently working on a unique ad-serving program. If you’d like to inquire about advertising opportunities, please inquire here.